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For nearly 40 years Chuck Zovko has been living his dream working full time as a professional photographer. Twenty-eight of those years were spent in photojournalism where he was called upon to capture literally thousands of portraits ranging from everyday people to Presidents and Prime Ministers. One of his extensive portrait projects, “Diversified Fatherhood” was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize.

As an award winning photographer no matter what genre he is working in, be it braving the 200 degree sweltering heat of a steel mill, traveling side by side with a former President, or dodging foul balls in the first base dugout of a world series, he finds the Photographer / Subject portrait experience magical.

Simply stated, Zovko loves doing portraits.

He has been fortunate enough to accumulate many accolades during his career.  In additional to his Pulitzer Prize Nomination he was twice named Pennsylvania Press Photographer of the Year. Recently he was awarded a coveted Photographer of the Year Award from the “Council for Advancement and Support of Education” - the defining body of higher education publishing.

A portrait sitting with Zovko, be it at his studio, or on location is an experience to be enjoyed. No subject is ever rushed. No subject is ever made uncomfortable.   

Zovko’s client list includes The New York Times, ABC-TV, Sports Illustrated, Time Magazine, CBS-TV, Newsweek Magazine, Agency France Presse, Mittal Steel, Geo Magazines International, Merrill Lynch, The London Times, and Stern Magazine but to name a few.

His 2400 square foot studio, just an hour and a half drive west of New York City or an hour drive north of Philadelphia, is located on the second floor of a rustic former silk mill on one of the main streets in Bethlehem, PA .


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